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New Equipment

Shock-Absorbing Frame

for the professional studio turntables EMT 927 and EMT 930

Used by many people and high in value by many more: the professional turntables EMT 927 and EMT 930. But only few of them are able to install this turntables in a way, that a maximum quality is obtained.

To obtain a maximum quality it is neccessary, to install this units on the lower part of the chassis. The best solution is a special frame, to hang the turntable in for best music quality regarding to:

  • Weighted and unweighted Rumble values
  • Wow & Flutter
  • Vibrations of the chassis
  • Reduction of acoustical feedback

Image of both frames
Finally available: the best possible installation frame for the EMT 927.

Developed by a former engineer of EMT, newest experiences have been implemented.

In our days this turntables are not longer used in ob vans of broadcast stations, thus avoiding the need to secure them against bad roads etc. So the springs and properties for damping could be optimized for indoor use without any compromise.

Special springs and dampers reduce low frequency noise about 26 dB (resulting in a factor of 20). The shock absorbing frame has a mass with more than 40 kg, thus guaranteing a maximum usage of all the turntables good properties.

The basic properties, referring to the EMT 927, can also be related to the EMT 930. Therefore the same construction is available for the EMT 930, but allows a reduced mass of 36 kg.

Shock-Absorbing frame for EMT 927 (927 111 000)
outer dimensiones: 725x570x250mm
mass: ca. 40 kg

Shock-Absorbing frame for EMT 930 (930 111 000)
outer dimensiones: 540x440x250mm
mass: ca. 36 kg