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New Equipment


for the professional studio turntables EMT 927 and EMT 930

In the past the studio turntables EMT 927 also have been delivered for the disc-recording manufactures optional as measurement studio turntable. This special turntable was named EMT 927D and was equipped with a glass-plate instead of a plexiglass-plate.

When it was necessary to optain the best available accuracy for playing a record, a plexiglass-plate was not sufficient,
even when it was produced very precisely.

The plexiglass-plate was replaced by a glass-plate,
although the quickstart facility was eliminated.

To get an optimized reproduction of records, these requirements are still valid. Today the demands are even higher then in the past, because today nearly all EMT 927 and EMT 930 are in use of privat persons who are very critical. The owners of D-types know very well about the performance playing records with a glass-plate.

Now all EMT 927 can be upgrated to the quality improving D-version by using the glass-plate.

The new edition of the glass-plate allows this performance. The production is intensiv in time and requires precise manual work.

Now available for the first time, - the glass-plate for the EMT 930.

You have the same improvements as for the EMT 927.

So all EMT 930 can be upgrated to the quality improving D-version by using the glass-plate.

In comparison with the plexiglass-plate the glass-plate offers the following advantages:
  • an absolute flat surface
  • a coupling of the record with the main plate by the rubber surface of the bottom and top side
  • a reduction of the static loading
  • the improvement of the technical datas (rumble signals weighted and unweighted, wow and flutter) by enhancement of the mass
  • the improvement of the feedback unsensitivity
  • a precise stroboscope
  • the improvement of the optical impression
  • an optimized record reproduction by avoiding uncontrolled vibrations of the record
  • an improved performance

The glass-plate can be replaced easy and immediatly. So you win at once an improved performance.

Glass-plate for EMT 927 (Diameter: 460mm, Mass: approx. 3kg)
50 Hz-version 927 211 050
60 Hz-version 927 211 060

Spiegelglas-Plattenteller für die EMT 930 (Diameter: 330mm, Mass: approx. 1,7kg)
50 Hz-version 930 211 050
60 Hz-version 930 211 060